Elbert and Carol Walker
The Year 2000

This was certainly our year to travel!

We flew to Washington D.C. for the annual joint mathematics meetings. In addition to all the good friends we met there, we enjoyed visiting with Elaine who came down from New York to see us!


We flew to New York City February 27 and took the bus to a conference in Atlantic City. We returned to NYC for a visit with Elaine, then flew to Boca Raton, where we visited Fred and Sue Richman and Florida Atlantic University before returning home.


We flew to North Carolina where we visited Ray and Mary Graham and spoke at Appalachain State University in Boone. We then flew to Savannah, Georgia, where we were picked up and driven to Statesboro to visit Georgia Southern University. Don Cook drove all the way from the other side of the state to visit with us! We then went to Jacksonville, where we were hosted by Bill Calton at the University of North Florida, and finally to This kept us away from home from March 23rd until March 31st.


April 7-8 we had the pleasure of visiting Dan in Tempe, Arizona. Our excuse was to attend the annual meeting of the Southwestern Section of the Mathematical Association of America and the Arizona Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges held at on the Arizona State University campus.
On April 16 Carol flew to Montrose, Colorado, to visit and help care for her mother while her primary caregiver took a week's vacation. Carol says her mother's new hearing aid is working -- "We had to explain that the 'dripping sound' was the clock ticking. She may not have heard the clock tick for years."
April 27, we flew to Denver where Darel picked us up and took us to Fort Collins where we helped him celebrate a milestone birthday. While there, Elbert spoke at Colorado State University.


Our planned trip to San Antonio for the FUZZIEEE conference was dropped when Elbert suffered a heart attack -- the trip was to Memorial Medical Center instead! The doctor did an angioplasty on the morning of Friday, May 5,  and inserted a stint.  We feel very fortunate to live at a time when all the high technology and medical knowledge are there to help. Elbert's doctor let him make the next trip just a few days later, but he had to wait another week or two for tennis!

On May 11-12 we visited Dan to hear him debut with the Miracles in a concert north of Phoenix. Dan had recruited and rehearsed Phoenix area members of the band for this concert.

May 27-29 we had the pleasure of visiting with Elaine in Tucson, Arizona. The occasion was the International Space Development Conference 2000. Elaine entertained at the conference with her spacey songs. (ISDC 2001 will be held in Albuquerque.)


The 21st Linz Seminar was held June 13-17. We traveled first to Zagreb, Croatia, where we were hosted by Bojana Dabelo Basic and her family. Bojana is a mathematician and computer scientist that we had met at a conference the previous year. At the Linz conference, we were joined by Mai Gehrke, and after the conference the three of us traveled to Vienna where we spent several days sightseeing together.

At the end of June, Carol traveled to Fort Collins where she and Darel gave a Scientific Notebook Workshop for teachers.

On July 6th we left for Perth, Australia, and an Abelian groups conference, returning home on the 17th.


We left August 1 for Thailand and Vietnam. We met Hung Nguyen and Ram Prasad in Bangkok where we all spoke on the old campus of Assumption University. The four of us went on to Ho Chi Minh City to begin a ten day visit to Vietnam. This included sightseeing in Saigon, a trip to Hung's home town of Hue, a day trip to the Mekong Delta, and a stay at a beach resort. We returned home on the 19th.


We spent October 3-5 in St. Paul, Minnesota, where we spoke at the University of St. Thomas, hosted by Patrick Van Fleet.

October 15-21, Carol went to Montrose to visit and look after her Mother while Lynn attended a writers' conference in New Mexico.


We went back to Bangkok for the Conference Intech 2000, held at Assumption University.
Here is a typical faculty meeting room at the university

and here we are enjoying the Palace grounds with Hung's college friend.
With friends Ram and Khuyen and Tony and others at the conference banquet